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How Often We Should Service Our Central Air Conditioner?

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How Often We Should Service Our Central Air Conditioner

It seems like your to-do list is never quite finished when you own a home.  While you’re tackling all your quarantine cleaning projects, make sure you add AC maintenance to the to-do list. 

We all know Vadodara summers are hot, and this summer threatens to be a record-setter. With summer right around the corner, you want to make sure your AC is in the best condition. You’re probably wondering, “how often should I service my central air conditioner?” Ideally, you want to hire a professional AC service provider in Vadodara at least once a year.

Maintaining your central air conditioning unit is an important part of responsible home ownership. Regular AC maintenance will keep your system running smoothly for years, and it will save your money on your cooling costs. 

Over time your system becomes less efficient. Leaks develop and debris piles up in your unit. All of these things make your AC work harder and raise your electricity bills.

Keep reading to learn about what regular central AC service in Vadodara entails for your home.

Professional Air Conditioner Maintenance

You should consult a professional AC repair in Vadodara for your regular Central AC tune-up. HVAC professionals have the experience and expertise you need to keep your system running for years to come.

How Often Should You Service Your Central Air Conditioner?

Your central air conditioning unit needs to be serviced annually by a professional AC technician. There are plenty of things you can do to keep your unit running in the meantime, but your unit needs a professional inspection once a year.

It’s best to schedule your annual service in winter, that way it is ready for the hot summer months. Your AC works hardest during the summertime, so as spring fades to hotter days you should make sure your unit is in tip-top shape.

How to Clean Your AC Unit Between Professional AC Service

Service your air conditioner and change the filter

Annual AC service is an important part of maintaining your HVAC system. However, a lot can happen between your annual AC maintenance. It’s important to do your regular tune-ups to keep your system running smoothly.

Keep reading to learn about regular AC maintenance that you can do to service your air conditioner.

Deep Clean Your Unit

Another great way to keep your AC running smoothly is by doing a deep clean on your system from time to time.

A good deep clean can do wonders for your AC unit in between professional maintenance. Begin by turning off your unit to keep you safe. Then take a vacuum and a soft-bristle brush attachment to clean the exterior of your AC unit.

You need to be very gentle when you’re vacuuming the fins, they are very delicate and they can be easily bent.

Then you need to remove the top grille and carefully remove the fan. Put the fan to the side and don’t put unnecessary stress on the electric wires. Take your hose and spray the fin from the inside to clean out any extra debris. Then replace the fan.

Find Professional Air Conditioning Service in Vadodara

Professional AC Maintenance Service in Vadodara – Maruti AC Service

We all know that Vadodara’s summers are hot. Your home should be a cool retreat from Vadodara’s summer heat.

If your air conditioner hasn’t been serviced in a while, you could be looking at some expensive cooling costs this summer. So, how often should I service my central air conditioner?

Everyone should service their air conditioner at least once a year. With summer right around the corner, there is no better time to get your air conditioner’s yearly tune-up.

We are happy to help you get ready to weather the summer heat at home. Contact us today for a high-quality air conditioning service in Vadodara, Gujarat.

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